Online Education

Facts About Distance Learning

The National Center for Education Statistics defines distance education as, "a formal education process in which the students and instructor are not in the same place." These are some other interesting facts about distance education:

Sixty-five percent of college campuses reported offering online education. Traditional universities have even jumped on the bandwagon and started offering hybrid courses, where half the class is done in the classroom, and other half is done online.Read more >>


Ten Mistakes Distance Learners Make

Online education empowers those that normally could not pursue a college education to go back to school and earn their degree: working adults, mothers caring for families, military personnel in the line of active duty, performers always on-the-run, and everyone in between.Read more >>


How to Succeed in an Online Class

Distance learning is comparable to, but also different from, traditional campus-based learning.Read more >>


Online Learning Considered Superior to Traditional Learning

A study was conducted by the U.S. Department of Education on the value of distance learning. The study focused mostly on college-level. The U.S.Read more >>


The Similarities Between a Classroom and Distance Learning

People are boasting about the benefits of a distance learning program, and how online education has just as much quality instruction as the classroom. There are organizations certified by the U.S.Read more >>


Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before Pursuing Your Online Degree

Online colleges are now encouraged to gain accreditation. Students who take and complete distance learning programs from accredited colleges are ensured their investment will provide similar opportunities and return as completing a degree from a brick and mortar college. With this concern eliminated, other challenges of attending college online, however, are still very real.Read more >>

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