Online Colleges

Ten Tips for Choosing Your Online School

Distance learning can be just as valuable and educational as traditional campus-based programs. In order to get a quality online education, however, the distance learner must make intelligent decisions about their future educational goals.

Do your research today.


Five Blogs to Follow for Online Colleges

The resources on DegreeGo make up only one of many foundations of knowledge for the aspiring college student.Read more >>


Pros and Cons of an Online College

Distance learning is different from campus-based learning. While it's true that a distance learning program from an accredited online college can be just as valuable as a campus-based degree, it's good to do your homework and make sure online learning is right for you.

Once you have started to make serious considerations for an accredited distance learning school, put some thought into the pros and cons of online education.

Benefits of Online Learning

Flexibility. An online school is tailored to fit your schedule's needs.Read more >>


Reputability of an Online College

The reputability of a college is large-in-part determined by whether or not the college holds any kind of accreditation.

Online education has become more accepted since distance learning was first implemented through the use of VHS tapes.Read more >>


How to Learn More about an Online College

You have decided you are interested in an online college. What next? You will want to make sure you learn as much as possible about this school before beginning your academic career.

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