Financing Your Education

How to Pay for School

In order to pay for school, you need to apply for financial aid. Applying early through the FAFSA ensures that you will receive financial aid for the coming year.Read more >>


Student Loans Offered by the Government

Student loans provided by the government, or federal loans, offer the most lucrative financial assistance for a college student.

These loans are divided into two types: student loans, or parent loans.Read more >>


Private Student Loans

Students that cannot completely finance their education through federal loans may turn to private student loans as a means for additional revenue. A private student loan has several drawbacks that make it less attractive than a federally funded student loan, however.

Higher Interest Rates

A private student loan, just like a home loan or car loan, is based upon credit rating.Read more >>



Scholarships are rewards given to students based on several different factors. Like a grant, they never have to be paid back: the ideal form of financial aid. Unlike grants, however, scholarships need to be pursued actively by the student.Read more >>


How to Find a Job as a College Student

Some college students use part-time jobs to help mitigate the expenses of school. Here's five different ways to pursue a temporary career opportunity to finance your education.


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