College Commitment

Your Family and Going Back to School

For adults that have been away from school for several years, going back to college is a commitment not just for yourself, but for your entire family. Every member of the family will be impacted by your return to college.Read more >>


Your Employer and Going Back to School

Going to school does not mean going out of work. Higher education can coexist with your job provided you make the right decisions and communicate with your employer.Read more >>


Studying Abroad

Studying abroad improves the well-roundedness provided by a college education, provides an exciting experience for the student, and allows a student to flush out their resume.

Why does studying abroad improve a resume, you ask? The traditional answer used to be because it gave the student a chance to learn a new language and culture, a valuable asset as a large corporation.Read more >>



Students make the most of their college experience by participating in other activities that bolster their resume beyond their degree, such as studying abroad. Another activity a student can take up that drastically increases their chances of landing their ideal career is an internship.

An internship sets a student for going above and beyond their degree to meet an employer's expectations.Read more >>


How to Prepare for College

Going back to school can be an intimidating experience. Fortunately, preparing for going back to college is a simple matter of planning ahead.Read more >>


Volunteer Work

One way to get the most out of your college experience is to participate in an internship. Another is to study abroad.Read more >>


Honor Societies

Honor societies, like studying abroad, internships, and volunteer work, help an applicant stand out when looking for an occupation.Read more >>

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